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मोहब्बत निगाहेँ करती हैँ तडपना दिल को पडता हैँ.

क़र्ज़दार रहेंगे उम्र भर हम उस हकीम के,

जो सरूर है तेरी आँखों में ,वो बात कहां मयखाने मे

हर पल बस उसके गम और खुशी की फ़िक्र होती है…

It should be pure black. If you discover it then urgently Minimize her all mustache hairs and took on Harmless spot. These hairs combine with cotton and ready cotton light-weight. Put this mild with brimming with ghee lamp.

“शाम खाली है जाम खाली है,ज़िन्दगी यूँ गुज़रने वाली है,

It is the Just about the most influence equipped approach to get rid from these issues and make your daily life sleek. It outcomes quickly if you are doing on festivals. It relates Together with the Dark moon Meaning Competition night time is issue with Darkish moon. In the event you put into action spell on Competition time it works First of all and fulfill your all wishes that you would like. For those who have any hurdles like:

इन अँधेरों में मेरा साया भी छोड़ गया मुझको !!!

सुना है जो शराब पीते हैं उनकी दुआ कुबूल नहीं होती ….

कितने मसरूफ़ हैं हम जिंदगी की कशमकश में…

अंधेरे मे रास्ता बनाना मुश्किल होता है,

नाकाम मोहब्बतें भी बड़े काम की होती हैं

It's got solved a lot of troubles of individuals. Persons are enormously lived joyful and happiest everyday living just after applying this mantra. This mantra is written in simple hindi variety. Absolutely everyone can easily read through these mantra and use for his or her goal. Your lover will return for you.

If you're able to endure most of these any enjoy dilemma then usually do not feel hesitation. Pick your phone or through internet you can click here connection with us. Will not sense wait in order to make your existence happiest then contact with us, because really like is all the things in everyday life. So make your everyday living satisfied and enjoy it with pleasure.

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